vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Reboot day | terug at day 1 voor de uitvinder van A Complaint Free World

Will Bowen, 7 feb 2014

Ok, I noticed myself complaining twice yesterday and moved the bracelet accordingly. So, I'm back on Day 1. 

I'm reminded again that going 21 consecutive days without complaining is simple but it is NOT easy. Further, I am not only becoming more aware of my own complaints but I have a heightened awareness of other people’s negative comments as well. 

People only complain for one of 5 reasons and one of the most common reasons is to GET ATTENTION—to simply be noticed, acknowledged and included by others. But this sense of belonging comes at the expense of our own inner peace and happiness.

So, what day are you on?

Uw coach stelt met genoegen vast dat de uitvinder van het paarse klaagvrij-polsbandje,Will Bowen, ook geen heilige is wat niet klagen betreft. Af en toe moet je een nieuwe 'kuur' beginnen.

Ik heb zelf ook al wat van die day 1 - reboot - days gehad ;)

groetjes van coach Clark Kent,

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